New Feature: Discussion Guides

Researchers and Insights leads tell us constantly that they want to enable marketers and brand managers to have more access to consumers. But scaling consumer closeness while still equipping marketers to engage in high-quality, unbiased research is a challenge.

We’ve introduced interactive discussion guides to solve this problem. Now, project owners and collaborators can create discussion guides for use in live conversations. Create questions, organize questions into sections, and even set approximate time lengths to make sure you can cover all your key topics.

Discussion guides are visible in the meeting room for moderators, observers, and translators. Moderators can stay focused by checking off questions as they are asked.

Once the session finishes, review your video recording and transcript with the discussion guides integrated for lightning-fast review and analysis. To make use of the recording and transcript integration, moderators must mark off questions as they are asked.


In future releases, we’ll be allowing users to export discussion guide responses/transcripts and allow you to clone a previously-created discussion guide for faster project setup.

Learn more and get started today with our how-to guide.