Discussion Guides: Reuse a Previous Guide and Export Functionality

Our first release of Discussion Guides was just the beginning. We have released the following improvements:

Reuse a Discussion Guide

Now, you can review your existing discussion guides and copy one to use as a starting point on a new project, saving you valuable time! Choose your desired discussion guide, edit questions, and save it to your new project. Replace your current guide at any time with a previously used guide.

Export Discussion Guide to Word

While the benefits of using the discussion guide in the meeting room are many, we know some people will prefer to have a paper copy to review or share out as well. Now, you can export your guide to a Word document.

Download Transcripts with Discussion Guide Annotations

Transcripts are a huge reason clients love Discuss.io, and we’ve made them even better. Now when you mark off a question in a discussion, your transcript will be annotated with the question in both our platform and when you download the transcript. Analysis has never been faster!

Export Questions and Answers to Excel

Sometimes, the transcript from one interview isn’t enough and you need to see how all respondents across all interviews answered the same question. Users can now can export all questions and answers to Excel to quickly review respondent answers for patterns.