Discuss.io Teams

Organize and share research across your organization

Discuss.io just launched teams, making it easier to share and spread insights across your organization. teams allow you to organize your projects all in one place, allowing you and your colleagues to learn from current and past research. Benefits of having your projects under a team:

  • Browse: Collaborators on your team may view any clips, recordings, transcripts, or documents from projects within that team.
  • Search: Projects within a team are all searchable. Search across all transcripts.
  • Manage: If you own a team, you will be able to easily add your colleagues to your team, giving them instant access to public projects within that Team. 
  • Privacy: We understand that some teams and projects contain sensitive information. You will now have control over making your team private if need be. Private teams require collaborators to be invited to view the research within the projects on the team. Public teams allow anyone from within your organization to join them, gaining access to all of the projects on those teams.

How do I create a team?

To learn how to create a team, read our support documentation here