Discuss.io Project Privacy Settings are Changing

Easily share insights across your organization

Coordinating with colleagues and sharing learnings has never been easier with the introduction of Teams in Discuss.io…but we need your help to get ready. More controls over project access and expanded searchability are some of our most commonly requested improvements, and we’re excited to take an important step forward. 

When we launch Teams in the coming weeks, you will be able to easily manage access and visibility when someone joins the group, and give them instant access to the Team’s research history. Sharing video clips will also become easier – as long as you are a member of a Team, you can view any public video clips from projects in that Team.

Concerned about privacy? We’ve got you covered. Starting today, you will be able to set projects as public or private. Please review your project’s privacy settings by September 28th, this will determine what projects are visible to other members within your organization. By default, all Projects associated to a team will be public, for team members within your organization to view. Projects not under a Team and Private projects within a Team will only be visible to the Project’s Owner and the Collaborators, keeping sensitive data secure. 

How do I edit my privacy settings for my project?

  1. Log into Discuss.io and click on a project from your dashboard

2. Once on the project overview page, click on the “show/edit” details button.

3. The section will expand and display the privacy settings for the project. By default, these will be toggled on.