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Our digital market research platform makes it easy to connect with consumers is built from the ground up to be your all-in-one online consumer conversation platform:

  • Recruiting, screening, incentives, tech check and sessions happen in one place in the app
  • Video recording, save special moments, interactive discussion guide & multiple roles
  • Automatic transcription, translation, key takeaways, video editing & sharing afterwards

Clients say our smart video platform is intuitive, easy to use and saves them tons of time!

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Online Consumer Conversations combines video conferencing and advanced market research tools and software to create a product that allows you to get closer to consumers, and analyze data in a more sophisticated way than ever before. With Meeting Room, you are able to:

  • Have live conversations with global consumers in their natural environments at home or at work without having to leave the office yourself
  • Discover insights through iterative and agile probing
  • Ask questions that you have never thought to ask
  • Multiple roles: Moderator, Co-Moderator, Observer, Translator, Project Manager
Platform offering

Recording & Archiving

Our video conferencing and market research solutions do not end with Meeting Room. You also have access to a personal archive for both convenience and further analysis of data. With Archive you can:

  • Access a searchable archive of your video recordings
  • Extract keywords from transcripts and translations
  • Highlight important insights with simple video editing
  • Share the findings with your team and all other stakeholders
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Screener Writing

Finding the most qualified participants starts with a good screener. Upload your own or have our team write one for you.

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Translation Services

Multinational brands need to understand global consumers. Eliminate language constraints with either simultaneous or consecutive translations.

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Discussion Guide

Insights are only as good as the questions you ask. If you don’t have a discussion guide, our team can write one for you.

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Report Writing

Depending on your project’s needs, you can commission a topline, summary, or full report on the findings from your conversations.

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Moderation Services

Stakeholders can moderate themselves, request their favorite moderators, or use one of the professional moderators in our network.

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Human Transcript

Every session includes automatic transcription at no additional cost. For more nuanced documentation, upgrade to human transcription.

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We make connecting with consumers easy by providing a selection of professional services and market research tools for you to choose from as you need them.

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How Projects Work

Project Recruitment & Setup

Project Recruitment & Setup

On-demand global recruitment in over 160 countries. We find the right target, quickly.

Live Video Conversations

Live Video Conversations

Speak with consumers one-on-one or in a group, share stimuli, and allow your team to observe without disrupting. Simultaneous translation available in over 20 languages.

Sharable Insights Across the Enterprise

Sharable Insights in a Snap

Video is recorded and archived to rewatch. Share insights easily with searchable transcripts, simple video editing tools.

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