Introducing Private Chat – Your New Best Friend

One of the most-loved, and most-copied, features in our platform is our Backroom Chat. The ability for end clients and team members to chat directly with the moderator, without the respondents seeing, is a critical part of effective online research.

Introducing Private Chat – Your New Best Friend

Today, chat gets a lot better with the introduction of private chat. Moderators can now chat individually with respondents, or hear directly from observers about where to probe further. Tech Support can help out individually without cluttering up the main chat rooms.

And best of all, you’re not constrained by someone’s role. In most market research platforms, private chat is limited either to a single person, or to all people who share a role, say “observers.” 

We believe you should be able to connect with whatever group of people you need to. If that’s a Moderator, Translator, and two Observers, no problem. If that’s Tech Support, a Moderator, and a Respondent, have at it.

How does it work? 

  • Moderators and Tech Support can start a private 1:1 or small group chat with anyone
  • Anyone can start a private 1:1 chat with Tech Support, provided that they are connected to the meeting room
  • Observers and Translators can start a private 1:1 or small group chat with Moderators, Observers, and Translators, but not Respondents

Add or Edit Users

Screenshot showing the "Add or edit users" button

Add or edit users in your private chat at any time by clicking the add icon. Anyone added to a private chat will be able to see any messages sent before they joined the room. If you need to keep chat history private, start an entirely new chat.

Chat with Users in the Waiting Room


Preview of panel waiting room

Ever needed to dismiss a participant if you over-recruited, or need to troubleshoot technical issues, but you don’t want to bring them into the main room? Now you can! Private chat works for users in the waiting room, too, so you can keep respondents engaged and informed, and keep the meeting room secure.

Edit and Delete Messages

Screenshot showing how to edit and delete messages.

We all make mistakes, especially when things are moving fast. In addition to new chat rooms, you can also edit or delete any chat message, in any room. Simply click the 3 dots next to your message, and make your selection.

Key Takeaways

  • With the new Private Chat, you now have the most secure, flexible way on the market to connect with meeting attendees. 
  • Chat with users in the waiting room to coordinate with backup recruits without interrupting the interview
  • Chat improvements like editing and deleting messages, as well as design enhancements, keep you organized and on track during interviews

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