Web Intercept

Intercept Real People for User Research

Create elegant recruiting screeners and publish your screener to your website, social media channels to have a live conversation in the moment or at a later time.

  • Web intercepts Place our JavaScript on your site and control every detail of how the screener appears and is branded
  • Web Link Create a screener to share via email, social media, or even targeted ads.
  • Timer, limiter, targeting Flexible controls you need to launch your intercept with confidence


Discuss.io Meeting Room

Automatically screen, schedule, and pay respondents

Capture responses and automatically schedule user interviews. Run any workflow you’d like, including capturing general research opt-ins or running specific campaigns to find the right participants.

  • Easily recruit from anywhere into your customer journey
  • Qualify respondents for tighter results with unlimited questions, multiple question types and skip logic
  • Automatically schedule remote interviews
  • Pay completed respondents and participants gifts cards


Discuss.io Meeting Room

Recruit from your List

Mine your user lists for qualitative insights by recruiting from your registered users, customer lists, online communities, social media followers, or anywhere else.

  • Create a custom screener or start from our template to segment your customers
  • Video rescreening to confirm eligibility
  • Copy a link to your screener and send to any customer group, or for pre-screened groups, send a direct link for the technical check
  • Review qualified candidates’ screener answers, technical compatibility, and video response to select the highest-quality candidates
  • Respondent scheduling and automated reminders


See our best practices on BYO recruiting.

Step by Step

Your Dream Insights Platform

Project Recruitment & Setup

Bookmarks and Discussion Guides

Bookmarking and discussion guides helps you automatically remember key points to come back to later.

Live Video Conversations

Searchable video and transcripts

Easily make video clips of key verbatims. Simple editing lets you adjust the start and end times for clips for the high-impact verbatim you need.

Sharable Insights Across the Enterprise

Video Clips Highlight Reels

Drag-and-drop video editor tool makes it easy for anyone to create a montage of the most interesting, insightful, or surprising moments throughout your project. Export your highlight reel to share internally, or copy a link to share with your colleagues.

Customer Experience Update