Features Designed for Best-in-Class Marketing Research

Market Research Programs without Administrative Overhead

Clip Maker
Create highlight reels of favorite clips using simple “drag and drop” tools.

HD Audio and Video Capture
Auto-capture audio and video, no on-desktop software required.

Automatic or human-created, searchable and time-coded.

Live, in-session translation to and from the world’s largest languages.

Global Reach
Millions of panelists in developed and emerging markets in over 25 countries.

Competitive Cost
Proprietary web-based technology cuts overhead and waste.

Faster than the World Turns
Record-setting research timelines cut development cycles.

Always On
Cloud archival of records makes your research available worldwide.

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Brand Marketing Research Software

Ondemand focus groups via patent-pending technology:  Over 11 million consumers, and the World’s Largest Selection of Panelists.


Research Agencies

Market research software that makes data collection made intuitive: Use real-time HD video streaming, automatic transcription, and stimuli-sharing and feedback tools.


Healthcare Research

Market research tools and techniques coupled with access to 2 million vetted and trusted healthcare professionals from panels such as Manthan, M3, and Medscape by WebMD.

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