Improved translation experience: Making global connection easier than ever

Global connections are at the heart of what we do. Our team is passionate about helping marketers and researchers reach consumers anywhere in the world, within a few days.

There are many moving parts to making this work, and we’ve been working hard to make your experience of connecting with consumers on as seamless as possible. As a result, we are very excited to announce that we’ve improved and simplified our translation experience.

You will now experience more stability, fewer dropped calls and better audio quality during translated sessions.


What changed?

Computer audio inputs: Simultaneous translations can be heard through a web stream or through standard phone dialing.

Switching languages: Moderators and observers can now select which language they want to listen to and seamlessly switch between languages throughout the session.

Less reliance on phones: When calls drop, they are gone forever. You have to call back, wasting a lot of time and breaking the natural flow of the conversation. When the internet drops, it quickly reconnects automatically. 

Switching inputs: We’ve made it easy to switch between phones and computer audio.

Faster translated audio archives: Videos with translated audio and subtitles are available in the archive faster than before (minutes, not days). You also have the ability to select which language you want subtitles to be displayed in.

At, our mission is to make global connections possible at scale. These improvements to the translation experience make it easier for you to have conversations with consumers around the world. More questions? Visit our Support site.

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