What Respondents See in the Discussion

Depending on how you choose to recruit your participants, the first step of their experience may differ slightly. In the case of automated recruitment, participants follow a link that takes them directly to our recruitment workflow (outlined in What They See, below).

Alternatively, you may choose to recruit your own participants. You can do this via our built-in email template which automatically populates your correspondence with a link to your meeting room and instructions on how to participate in your discussion.

To access this email template, simply click on the desired discussion on your calendar:


and then click “Invite Participants”:


You will then see the screen below, which allows you to edit and create emails to send to your desired respondents. Depending on what link you send, the participant will have a slightly different experience.


The default respondent link (radio button marked, box left unchecked), sends users through the standard screening process (outlined in What They See, below). You can see this process for yourself by clicking on “link 1” (shown in the screenshot above).

Checking the box modifies the link in the invitation email. This link requires users to enter their contact information before entering the discussion. We found that this can be helpful, especially when attempting to contact the respondent for a follow up interview. You can view this process by checking the box next to “Require Contact Information” and clicking “link 1”.

“link 2”, on the other hand, allows the respondent to skip past all screening questions and enter as a guest. In the discussion, they will be labeled as “Guest #X” where X is a number. For security purposes, we do not automatically add this link to the generated email no matter which options you choose to select. To send this link to respondents, right-click the link and select “Copy Link Address” or “Copy Link Location/URL” depending on your browser (see the screenshot below).


Feel free to change the type of link as you see fit. Depending on your project, you may or may not need the panelist’s contact information.

Additionally, you may also allow a respondent to enter as an observer (“link 3”) – a feature which automatically disables the respondents webcam and microphone upon entry into the discussion. You can find out more about observers in our Knowledge Base article, “Can I invite clients or stakeholders to observe my session?

What They See: the “Recruit Workflow”

Before each discussion, Discuss.IO conducts a brief test with the participant to ensure technology compatibility. If the participant’s machine does not meet the requirements of this test, they are disqualified from the discussion and notified of the technology-related reason.

1.) Panelist introduction. Once compatibility is ensured, the participant will see the following screen:

2 - Screener Step 1

It is at this time that the participant is notified of the incentive via a light-green bar at the top of their screen (not shown).

2.) Respondent selects interview time. If there are multiple discussions available for the desired project a screen similar to the one shown below will appear to a participant:

3 - Screener Step 2

The participant is then allowed to select their desired discussion. This step ensures quality respondents by fitting the discussion into their schedule.

3.) Respondent answers screening questions. It is at this point that participants will answer any screening questions your project may have before being sent to the video response question (shown below):

4 - Screener Step 3

4.) Respondent enters contact information. If required by the moderator (see the above section, What You See), the participant then must provide their contact information, as shown below:

Screener Step 4

5.) Phone number verification. Upon clicking Finish, they will be asked to verify their phone number:

Screener Step 5

The participant will then be asked to enter the verification code that they received, confirming that the number is – in fact – theirs:

Screener Step 6

If, for any reason, the participant decides to select “Skip Verification,” they will be warned that lack of verification may make the discussion process more difficult for them:

Screener Step 7

6.) The Waiting Room. Participants then remain in a virtual waiting room (shown below) until the moderator invites them to enter the virtual meeting room.

waiting for reward

Meeting Room

7.) The Meeting Room. The image above shows how the panelist sees the discussion as it takes place. Alternatively, the participant may see a screen similar to the one below. In this case, they must click the link in order to enter the waiting room:

Screener Step 8 - if you're lucky


What happens next?

If you have offered compensation for your discussion, panelists will be sent to another page to receive their reward. More information on this process is available in our knowledge base article, “Respondent: How do I get paid?”

If you do not offer any compensation for your discussions, panelists will be sent to a webpage similar to the following screenshot:

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 13.38.38