Moderators Interacting with Participants: Using the Virtual Whiteboard to Present Stimuli

Whiteboarding and Sharing Media with Panelists provides the Meeting Room a “virtual whiteboard” that allows moderators to share stimuli with panelists, such as document and video files (see the last section for details about acceptable formats), which participants can markup with a set of user-friendly annotation tools to express their thoughts on the screen.stimuli

  1. Launch the virtual whiteboard by clicking the Share in the lower left-hand corner of the meeting room.
  2. Select Upload Documents or Videos” to upload stimuli to a virtual whiteboard.

Choose the file from your computer, a link, or cloud storage service:


Several presentations can be loaded:

  • The current display is labelled “Active” in the screenshot below.
  • By clicking “Share,” this presentation will be displayed.


Accepted Formats for Upload

We can read the following formats:

  • Word,
  • Powerpoint,
  • Excel,
  • Open Office, and
  • PDF.

PDF, the Portable Document Format, is normally the best option for high-fidelity documents because it is a format meant for publishing a final output, rather than being a source file for a content editor (as the others are).

We support decoding from 199 video and 147 audio formats inside of 221 different containers. Support includes the formats:

  • AVI,
  • MOV,
  • MPG,
  • MP4, and
  • WebM.

Please note that video need to be converted beforehand and conversion takes about half the duration of the video itself.

Sharing Stimuli Content from Cloud Storage

The Discuss Operations Team can help you share content from a cloud-based source.

  • Email with a link to your video from one of the follow services: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft SkyDrive.(Be sure to include the project name, date, and time of the discussion.)
  • The project manager will share a single-slide presentation which includes the stimuli; the team will upload it during the discussion.
  • Participants can view the stimuli by clicking the slide, which will open a new browser tab.
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