The Virtual Meeting Room Explained

Introduction’s heart is the Virtual Meeting Room. This “virtual” meeting room displays real-time video and audio feed among the participants and records the meeting for later analysis.

From here, moderators can view and record the participants of a discussion, toggle the camera and microphone of participants, and share screens and stimuli.


Video: Virtual Meeting Room (Click here for more video tutorials)

Meeting Room

Figure 1, above, contains the standard meeting controls for a moderator. Participants have fewer controls, but those both groups have work the same way.

The Virtual Meeting Room’s Controls Annotated

The following is an explanation of the controls found in the Meeting Room interface. The webcam images of the participants is explained first, and each additional group of controls is, for the sake of reference, indicated by a color: Green, Pink, Gold, and Red.

The Participants’ Webcam Images and Chat

  • Your webcam’s input appears on the right side, beside the chat panel.
    (The microphone indicator in the upper right-hand will grow green in response to sound, but can be silenced by clicking on it.)
  • Open the group chat by clicking the green text bubbles on the right-hand side of your image.bubbles-border
    chat-backMessages typed in the Public section can be read by everyone in the room. Those typed in the Backroom section cannot be read by panelists and this area is used by the interview team when discussing the interview among themselves unbeknownst to panelists.(A number of languages can be selected which will automatically translate your input into the chosen language)

Green Control Group: Recording and Video Bookmarking Controls

Recording starts automatically when the panelist enters the interview room.

  • To manually start or stop recording, click the camera icon.
  • Recording Bookmarks mark parts of the interview for later analysis and help to navigate once reviewing the archived discussion.

Pink Control Group: Room Number, Status, and Timer

The center-top control group contains reference information.

  • The interview Room Number is useful during the interview as the PIN, if the telephone bridge is needed, and to locate the interview in the archive.
    (The room number is also useful if corresponding with operations or tech support personnel.)
  • Presence of Observers
    No observer is present.
    An observer is present.(Learn more about Inviting Observers and Others to the Discussion.)

  • Interview Timer
    The timer counts down to start time prior to a discussion; it counts the elapsed time of a discussion in progress.

Gold Control Group: Participant and Audio/Video Controls

  • For moderators, the participant icon opens a panel from which to toggle participants’ camera and microphone, ask them to share their screen, and dismiss them from the discussion.
  • For all participants, the microphone and camera icons toggle the microphone and camera.
  • Moderators and technical support can connect participants to the meeting room session by telephone.

    • Use if audio quality is difficult to hear.
    • Dial using the international country code and number.

    (When using the phone bridge, all participants must be connected by either dialing in or being dialed.

    Technical support will have a list of phone numbers for each country to allow dialing in.)


    If requested, use the six-digit Room Number as the PIN.

  • For moderators, the share icon allows sharing stimuli or screens (of the moderator or a participant.)
    (Read more on enriching your discussion by sharing stimuli and screens.)

Red Control Group: Session Controls

  • The gear opens the “Audio Video Settings” dialog. Here, participants select their webcam and microphone and can “Test Settings” to verify that others in the room can see and hear them correctly.
  • The link button opens a window that displays the different links participants need to join the session as different roles.
  •  To request help and view self-help resources, click the Help button.
    (This makes available all the help resources available at