Blog Technical Requirements

System Requirements

Participants are required to have a working webcam and a compatible browser. To ensure a smooth discussion, all participants are screened for these requirements in advance of the research session.

The Discuss.IO cloud-based software has been designed to be compatible with devices running Windows and MAC OSX, with no special hardware or software required. Linux is not currently supported.

Tech Check provides a handy all-in-one way to check your system’s suitability:

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome (latest release version)
  • Firefox (latest release version)

Bandwidth Requirements

Take note of both upload and download speeds:

  • Upload: ≥ 1 Mbps (recommended lowest level).
  • Download: ≥ 1 Mbps (recommended lowest level).

(N.b.: Participants at lower connection speeds cannot reliably send or receive screen shares. Acceptable speed calculated based on sharing a 1024 × 728 px at 10 frames per second. )

Equipment Recommendations

  • Any standard webcam integrated or external).
  • headset with a microphone.
  • If attending from meeting rooms, echocanceling speakerphones.
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