Moderators Interacting with Participants: Sharing Screens


Discuss provides the ability for participants of a discussion to view a shared screen. Screen sharing is valuable for sharing stimuli, presenting concepts, and informal usability and user experience (UX) studies.

Moderators can:

  • Share their own screen with the meeting room.
    (Useful for sharing dynamic stimuli on a moderator’s machine.)
  • Request that panelists share their screen.
    (Useful for virtual “shop-alongs” and viewing a panelist’s experience.)


Sharing a Moderator’s Screen

  1. To share your screen as a moderator, click the “Share” button, located in the lower left-hand corner of the meeting room interface.
  2. Select “Share my Computer Screen.”
    (This option is only available to the researcher, and requires a browser extension.)sharing-media
  3.  Choose which screen you’d like to share with participants:The shared screen will take center stage in the meeting room, as below.screen-sharingscreen-shared

Viewing a Participant’s Screen

  1. Open the participant panel in the lower left-hand corner by clicking the Participant icon.
  2. To view a participant’s screen, click the button with the monitor icon.ui-participants-fly
  3. Participants will confirm sharing the screen.sharing-respondent-confirm

Recording a Screen Share

The Discuss team will need to be notified if you’d like to record your screen share.

  • Email, including the project name, date, and time of the discussion.

Support will capture the session. Once you complete your interview, the staff will send its recording within 6 hours of finishing time.

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