Recruiting Panelists: Rapid Recruiter, Surveys, Social Media, and the Partner Network

Discuss.IO partners with the most reliable online panels and crowd-sourcing providers in the industry. Discuss.IO participants are the same participants that would be provided by the major online sampling agencies, and they are screened via the same methods. The Discuss.IO recruitment engine streamlines recruiting, shrinking time frames from weeks to minutes, even for low-incidence groups.

Participants are recruited with multiple reward and incentive options offered through global premier partners and loyalty programs. Rigorous validation methods are in place, including double opt-in, third-party verification, and fraud screening.

Participants are richly profiled on 160 data points. They number over 11 million strong and come from more than 160 countries and all walks of life.


Video: Recruiting and Screening (Click here for more video tutorials)

Rapid Recruiter, Surveys, Social Media, and the Partner Network

You can use the built-in Rapid Recruiter service, bring your own informants (for instance, from a survey or social media posting), or choose to use the Partner Network.

Rapid Recruiter: Defining Demographics and Measuring Complexity

This section explains using the Rapid Recruiter service.

Custom pre-qualification questions allow for user-specified criteria to provide enhanced flexibility and selectivity. For more on creating an effective screener, see these help articles.

  1. Within the project, select Demographics from the menu on the left hand side.
  2. Narrow the selection using filters like ageeducation, relationship status, ethnicity, and location from a pool of millions of panelists. After specifying the value for each option above, the Rapid Recruiter will calculate how long recruitment is likely to take, as indicated in the “Complexity Meter.”recruit-complexityYou’ll see a list of the filters and criteria you have chosen.(Click “Clear All Filters” to start the process from the beginning or edit individual filters to fine tune the selection.)
  3. Save Screener” and confirm in the following pop-up window.

Bring Your Own Informants

For every project in, you can schedule as many discussions as you need. To allow your respondents to attend a meeting that fits into their schedule, you can send them you “Project Recruiter” link:

  1. Navigate to the Demographics page.
  2. Open the fly-out “Advanced Menu” hidden behind the Gear Icon.
  3. Click the icon beside the the “Project Recruiter” field to copy the link. The link will carry the user toinviting-by-link
  4. When respondents click on your link, they will be sent to a dialog window where they can select from a list of your scheduled discussions.scheduling-attendance-from-link

Partner Network

While has a recruiting service built-in, sometimes, however, it can be hard to find the right informants. In that case, we are able to recruit through partners to recruit informants more suited to your study.

Consider using the Partner Network if:

  1. Informant recruitment rate falls below 20%.
  2. Screening is complex or exceeds 10 questions. (See the Recruiting video tutorial for more.)
  3. Projects necessitate a nearly 100% fill rate.
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