Scheduling a Session with Moderation, Live Interpretation, or Transcription


Discuss.IO provides for live interpretation, moderation, and transcription services. Depending on the services you need, pricing varies.

Projects must be scheduled 24 hours in advance of meeting time in order to deliver moderation, live interpretation, or transcription.


Discuss works with experienced moderators and project managers to conduct your research projects from start to finish. Our specialized field management tools will make easy work out of the most challenging research projects.

Most projects can be completed within five business days, depending on the number of participants to be interviewed and documents required.

Contact to arrange for a quote.

(See the help article “Meeting Compliance, Regulatory, and Privacy Standards” for more on moderation.)

Live Interpretation

When creating a discussion (the “New Discussion” button anywhere in the app), the scheduler places a request by selecting either “Consecutive” or “Broadcast” Translation in the New Discussion pop-up modal, below.


Consecutive Translation

  • As the discussion begins, the interpreter joins and becomes a participant of the discussion.
  • As each speaker stops between statements and phrases, the interpreter renders what was said into the target language.

Simultaneous (“Broadcast”) Translation

  • As the discussion begins, the interpreter joins the discussion via telephone using a Session Link and wears a set of headphones to listen in.
  • Observers dial into that telephone line, enter the Conference Code, and can hear the interpreter (but not the discussion itself).

Transcription of an Interview Session

Discussions can be translated by machine or human listeners. You can request a session to be transcribed in the initial scheduling window, or after a session’s been completed.

When creating a discussion (the “New Discussion” button anywhere in the app), Ensure that the option I want this discussion to be transcribed by human is selected and is in the language of your choice in the New Discussion pop-up modal, above.


For better quality transcriptions, we recommend a human transcription of the interview session.

Human transcriptions are flawless and provides excellent quality in German, French, Spanish, andItalian languages.

Note: Only words spoken in the language selected will be transcribed.