Managing Session Duration and Number of Participants (and Limits)


Discussions aren’t fixed at a certain duration or number of participants, although defaults are provided. Read this article to manage custom discussion parameters.


Video: Scheduling Discussions (Click here for more video tutorials)

Specifying Discussion Duration

Discussion length is user-defined in advance when Creating a New Discussion, with duration increments of up to 15, 30, and 45 minutes available. During each discussion, an on-screen countdown timer displays time remaining.

Specifying the Number of Informants

  1. From within your project, locateRecruiter Settings” and open the advanced settings fly-out menu by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Modify the Recruits per Session field.Recruits-session
  3. Save

The virtual meeting room holds nine users. This total includes the following user types (but not the unlimited “Observer” user):

  • Researchers
  • Panelists
  • Technical Support
  • Translator or Interpreter

Each RTC room has one slot reserved for each type of user. (The translator slot is reserved only for interpreted sessions.)

Once the room is full, no others will be allowed to join.

The Observer
Observer is a separate user type which doesn’t count against these totals; there can be as many observers as you like, although they are not full participants in the discussion, and can only interact in the “Backroom.”

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