Creating a Project Screener

After setting your initial recruiting criteria, you can screen panelists by asking them to respond to a number of questions. You can enter up to 10 questions this way.

Once the questions and answers are set, you can change the order and delete questions.


Writing a Screener

  1. Open the Screening section from the left-hand rail to create a new project screener.screening
  2. Add a question by clicking on “New Question.”new-question
  3. Create your question and its parameters in the “Panelist Qualification:”(Your screener can be translated by a human, for a fee, or automatically by machine. Look for this option in the “Panelist Qualification” section.)screenerType the question into the text field, choose whether this is a multiple choice answer, if the panelist must answer, and provide the answers for the panelist to choose from.screening-terminate

Video Response Questions

In addition, you can ask the panelist to respond to a question via their webcam. Video questions make it easy to identify knowledgeable and articulate respondents.



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