Everything You Need, In One Unified Platform


Create your own screening questions to select from over 11 million respondents!


Our in-browser discussion platform lets you interact with your panel from anywhere


On-the-fly editing and transcription toolsmake sharing your discussions easier than ever!

Connect with healthcare professionals

Data collection in as little as 48 hours.

Over 2 million Physicians and Healthcare Professionals available in key therapeutic categories. Using our platform, virtual face-to-face physician interviews can occur with just 48 hours notice. Simply list your targeted physician specialties and the Discuss.io platform will recruit focus groups, schedule your physician, and more.



Enjoy better communication and enhanced collaboration

Observe and interact with live focus groups using our platform’s two-way audio and video feed. Participants and moderators alike benefit from the genuine connection and honest feedback. Meanwhile, our platform’s agile tools ensure organizers can reproduce any and all activities conducted in a facility.

  • 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email
  • Free online archive, transcripts, and ClipMaker
  • Reliable video conferencing platform with world-class security


Access More people, Lighten Travel Costs, and Coordinate with Ease

Healthcare market research is often the disease, not the cure. In healthcare marketing research involving physicians, perception and appeal is critical in this fast shrinking world. Personally attending every focus group or interview is unfeasible, costly, and brings limited results. Discuss.io saves costs to your organization while maximizing data retrieval, analysis, and personal connection.

Features like our ClipMaker software time-stamps key moments during research to improve reference and inspire analysis. An unlimited cap on remote viewers, meanwhile, ensures all team members and guests can participate in the research from anywhere with an internet connection.


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Clip Maker
Create highlight reels of favorite clips using simple “drag and drop” tools.

HD Audio and Video Capture
Auto-capture audio and video, no desktop software required.

Automatic or human-created, searchable and time-coded.

Live, in-session translation to and from the world’s largest languages.

Global Reach
Millions of panelists in developed and emerging markets in over 25 countries.

Competitive Cost
Proprietary web-based technology cuts overhead and waste.

Faster than the World Turns
Record-setting research timelines cut development cycles.

Always On
Cloud archival of records makes your research available worldwide.

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