Highlight Reel

Highlight reels are the edited down version of market research interviews, showing just the highlights and most pertinent moments from the entire process. They may be from multiple interviews in the same project, and can be edited to show just the person speaking, rather than the usual split-screen view. Highlight reels are often compelling, using the biggest strengths of qualitative market research, allowing stakeholders to be shown not just the words, but the manner in which they were delivered, with vocal emphasis, body language, and emotion. While traditional video editing is difficult, slow, cumbersome, and requires training, a paid software license, a powerful computer, and local storage, Discuss.io’s video editor is included free with all projects, and is done easily, and efficiently in the web browser, using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


                 Highlight reel creation using the Discuss.io browser-based platform is quick and easy.