Getting Started with From Quote to Completion

You may be wondering what a typical project conducted through looks like. This is something that we get asked a lot, so we decided to create an example for you:

Let’s say that it’s Monday and you need to talk to consumers by Thursday. You have 2-3 burning questions that you need to answer in time to close out your concept testing by the end of the week. You’re working within a strict deadline and you find yourself wondering what you’re going to do.

Not to worry! Conducting qualitative research with is quick and can be easily completed in a few short steps:

Request a Quote

Enter the meeting room

Find participants

1. Fill out a quote request at Within a few hours, you will receive a quote from our business development team.

2. Next, you will hear from a project manager, who will help you to finalize session times that are most convenient for you. We’re happy to consult with you on the design of your research in order to best tailor your experience to fit your needs. You can bring your own moderator (BYOM), or we match you with an appropriate moderator from our pool of seasoned professionals.

3. Once you have submitted a screener, the project manager will work behind the scenes using our Rapid Recruiter technology to find participants who match your specified demographics. Start conducting your sessions in as little as 2-3 days.

4. During this time, we will walk you through an informal training session of our intuitive platform.

5. It’s time to conduct your research!

  • Simply log into the platform and enter into the Meeting Room to speak with your participant(s) in real-time via your webcams.
  • Your clients and colleagues can join as observers. This means that they can see and hear the session without being seen or heard themselves.
  • Instant message participants in the chat bar to send them links or written instructions. Message other moderators, observers, and tech support in a private backroom chat to communicate without disturbing participants.
  • Share images and videos for participants to mark up on our virtual Whiteboard. Capture these markings by saving screenshots of the stimuli. Bookmark noteworthy moments for easy review following the session’s completion.
  • tech support will be there during the entire meeting, giving you piece of mind as your conduct your session.

6. Following the session, find the full recorded video and screenshots of the Whiteboard. The video is automatically synchronized to a keyword searchable transcript, facilitating your ability to find pertinent quotes. Compile a highlight reel with simple drag and drop video editing tools to share with your clients and/or team.

Congratulations! It’s now Thursday and you’ve successfully answered all of your burning questions! You’ve met your strict timeline and you’re ready to present the findings to your team. You created a highlight reel of the most pertinent clips from your sessions, bringing participants’ quotes to life for your teammates. The project is a success!

Despite its many proven benefits, many people choose not to conduct qualitative research because they perceive it to be too time-consuming. We wanted to challenge this perception. That’s why all projects conducted through’s online video conferencing platform are completed in seven days or less. We are able to consistently deliver this unparalleled speed because of the strength of our online platform. It’s our mission to make qualitative research hassle-free and we’ve built our platform to reflect this. Not only is the platform intuitive to use, but we’ve automated much of the research process so that you can focus on what’s most important to you: gathering quality and actionable insights.

You don’t have to let the threat of complicated qualitative market research get in the way of your organization’s success. Request a quote to see how easy using can be!

Watch our Quick Start tutorial to learn even more: