Global insights teams are often tasked with leading the innovation pipeline when it comes to product and concept development. For teams like these, speed-to-insights is a critical factor to success. At the same time, consumer insights must be rich and detailed, painting a complete picture of the consumer’s experience in order for those insights to become actionable.

As Sai Pisipati, Global Consumer Insights & Analytics Manager at Reckitt, said: “Unless and until you have the complete story of what consumers are going through, you never know what your future is and what you need to do.”

In the following series of short videos, Sai explains how partnering with brought consumers closer to his organization and assisted in four key research areas:



By inserting the consumer voice into the product development iteration process, concepts can be validated quickly and in line with consumers’ expectations.


Brand Purpose

Speaking with consumers directly allows teams to discover the “whys” behind the decisions that drive brand preference and loyalty.


Consumer Closeness

Having a view into the consumers’ window provides a more intimate perspective on buying motivations and decisions. This insight advantage can give critical context to researchers and build empathy for people’s experiences.


3D Testing

Recruiting and organizing respondents for remote 3D testing can be a challenge for even the world’s leading brands, but not when you have strong platform with respondent management and support.


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