Announcing’s Pulse Program

For years, has made it easy for brands to connect with consumers around the world. Over the course of thousands of live video conversations and dozens of Consumer Connect program rollouts, we have learned a lot. We took those learnings and packaged them into an easy-to-use, scalable solution for developing consumer empathy: Pulse.

Great marketers know that understanding consumers is the key to building products that people want to buy and creating advertising that resonates. And in this age of big data, there is no lack of analytics tools and platforms that help build that understanding, but there is no technology that can replace the understanding and empathy that can be developed from a live conversation with a consumer.’s Pulse program enables live video conversations directly between consumers and marketers. Regular conversations with global consumers can be scaled across geographies and teams enabling all marketers within an organization to build and strengthen consumer empathy.

With Pulse, consumer empathy is…

  • Easy
  • Scalable
  • Aggregated
  • Compliant

To learn more about launching a Pulse program within your organization, talk to us.