Connecting you with Global Consumers

Some of the Customer Success team together

Many of our clients are brands with large global presences. For these clients, it’s imperative to be able to connect with consumers in real-time and on a global scale.

We know Global

We’ve built our team to reflect and support these needs. Similar to our clients, we have a large global footprint. Instead of centralizing our team, our team is distributed globally across different local time zones. This allows them to provide support for projects being conducted in the very regions in which they live. When a client has a project in the field, our team provides regional support during working hours, conversant in the local languages, and knowledgeable of regional nuances for doing business. By having a regionally diverse team, we’re able to provide around-the-clock support on all conversations that take place over our platform.

To date, our Customer Success team is active in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Ireland, Turkey, South Africa, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and the US.

Leading a decentralized team can be a challenge in terms communication and process control. It is harder to manage, but we know it’s worth it. Our clients connect with consumers around the globe. In order to provide them with the best service, we need to be around the globe too.

Your success is our success

The primary object of our Customer Success team is to make sure that every project is run to ensure that customers get closer to their goals and objectives.

We help clients make better, more effective business decisions because, with our help, they can connect and engage with consumers real-time conversations through an agile and efficient live video platform.

Start a conversation with us to learn more about how we enable brands like yours to connect with consumers around the world. You know you can count on us being focused on your success!


Karen Lindley is the VP of Global Customer Success for She is based in Seattle and oversees the Customer Success team, serving clients all across the world.