Category Archives: Product Launch Gets Better! New Overview Experience for Easier Project Management

  Key Improvements The Overview is a project’s command center, and we’re proud to announce improvements that will make it easier and faster to manage your project.  As more users move to self-service than ever before, we sought to create an experience that focuses on the core actions of scheduling interviews, managing team permissions, and doing dry-runs and... Read More

Introducing Advanced Stimuli Management

Whether it’s unveiling packaging and advertising content, or using photos and activities to jump-start creative thinking, our interactive whiteboard is an indispensable part of research activities on We’ve heard your requests for more whiteboard functionality, and we’re happy to announce changes that give moderators more control over the stimuli experience. From revealing markups to managing... Read More

Get Faster Insights With Automated Clips now automatically generates clips of key moments from your live video conversations. With automated clips, it's never been even easier to extract insights from your video conversations! Every “saved moment” you make in the meeting room now becomes a clip in the archive. All clips are automatically transcribed and have the ability to share... Read More

New and improved transcripts are here!

So, you’ve just had a conversation (or many!) with a consumer and learned a lot about their life. Fantastic! You’re feeling impacted by what they said and want to pull out a couple of verbatims to share with your team. You want them to feel a connection with the consumer, just like you did! You’re... Read More