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6 Mobile UX Research Challenges and How to Solve Them

As a relative newcomer in the marketing research world, mobile UX qualitative research can be tricky to perfect. The challenges researchers have are many, and the solutions to them are not easily found – until now. Listed below are some of qualitative researchers’ most common complaints about conducting mobile UX research, along with good news about... Read More

5 Key Takeaways from Mobile eCommerce Shop Along Masterclass

Oliver Bradley, Global  eCommerce Experience Design Director at Unilever, shared his insights from 10+ years of focusing on the digital shopping experience at the TMRE@Home event in a session titled, “It’s Not Just a Smartphone, It’s a Shopping Platform”. He focused on mobile user experience as it has become a major source of shopping and... Read More

Mobile Screen Sharing for Competitor Research

It was the ancient Greeks who coined the expression “know thyself,” wise words for any entrepreneur. Remarkably, at nearly the same point in time but halfway across the world, the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu wrote in his treatise The Art of War that it was equally important to “know thine enemy.” From a commercial standpoint, this... Read More

Mobile UX Research for Agile Product Prototyping and Development

In the modern mobile era, it is increasingly difficult to create mobile apps or websites that will fantastically succeed with consumers without conducting real-time mobile UX research at the prototyping stage. Not so long ago, it sufficed to toss a concept to the public, letting the market judge. Sometimes it worked. But technological advances allow us... Read More

Mobile UX Research for Conversion Rate Improvements

A mobile phone is not a desktop or laptop and we have to stop treating them the same. Tapping, pinching, zooming and finger scrolling on a smaller screen is a much different user experience than typing away on a keyboard. While mobile traffic to websites is at an all-time high, conversion rates remain depressingly low compared... Read More

Mobile UX Research for M-Commerce Shop-Alongs

The shop-along has long been a powerful tool in the market researcher’s inventory. Watching actual shopping behavior while listening in on the deliberations and the decisions, is undoubtedly one of the best ways to understand consumer behavior. But the shop-along, like so much else, is in a state of flux. Today, in a world in which... Read More

Mobile Screen Share App Adds True Mobile UX to Platform

The world is more omni-channel than ever, with customers expecting a consistent experience across their computer, mobile, and in-person touchpoints with your company. But traditional mobile testing methods have ignored the qualitative feedback that is critical to creating an experience that customers love. Our customers needed a way to include qualitative mobile usability testing in their... Read More