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Zoom and The New Way to Extract More Insights in Less Time

What do a product manager at a global entertainment company, a small customer experience team at an e-commerce platform, and a marketing manager at a beloved CPG brand have in common? They could all be sitting on countless hours of Zoom videos with unlimited potential of bringing that qualitative data to life. Extracting insights, increasing customer... Read More

Get Pinpoint Accurate Personas Using Qualitative Research

Whether you need to understand a user base for a go-to-market strategy or are looking to build customer awareness across the business, creating accurate user personas backed by qualitative research is critical.   Why Use Qualitative Research for Personas Accurately defining personas is essential to success in everything from user experience, to product development and marketing. Yet many... Read More

Maximize the number of research projects completed by year’s end: Yes, it can be done

Ask most agencies managing enterprise-level market research (MRX) projects, and they’ll tell you they have a love/hate relationship with their end-of-year workload. In the final months leading up to the new year, more last-minute project assignments come up as budgets get spent and stress levels run high. Turnaround times must be quick for new quotes, projects,... Read More

Introducing Augmented Insights – AI Driven Suite of Tools to Reduce the Time to Insight

We know that no insights project is complete without distilling hours of interviews into the key statements and aha! moments that is the magic of having consumer conversations. In order to help insights professionals go from interviews to insights more quickly, is proud to announce the release of a new suite of tools built... Read More