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Maximize the number of research projects completed by year’s end: Yes, it can be done

Ask most agencies managing enterprise-level market research (MRX) projects, and they’ll tell you they have a love/hate relationship with their end-of-year workload. In the final months leading up to the new year, more last-minute project assignments come up as budgets get spent and stress levels run high. Turnaround times must be quick for new quotes, projects,... Read More

Virtual Focus Group Best Practices: 7 Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated adoption of digital experiences at an unprecedented rate. It seemed like the switch was flipped almost overnight and suddenly even the most reluctant-to-change industries were now operating remotely. At the height of the digital transformation, McKinsey estimated that we vaulted five years forward in a matter of eight weeks. So it’s not... Read More

Online Focus Groups

Focus groups consist of multiple participants sharing their opinions. Rightfully popular within qualitative research, the study method brings a few critical strengths to market outreach. Variance: Focus groups may concentrate on specific products or content, but the opinions can be diverse as possible. From selecting a market to expanding one, focus groups allow R&D to... Read More

10 Language Blunders That Would Have Been Avoided With Market Research

Businesses try as much as possible to keep brands, model names and slogans consistent across international markets as much as possible for obvious reasons. Sometimes companies catch poor meanings in local languages and dialects before launch,  by reaching out to regional offices, and by contacting a few people they personally or professionally know. However as... Read More

Feature Series: Programmatic Recruiting

Panelist recruitment is one of the biggest pains for market researchers. It’s time consuming, challenging, and costly, but unfortunately, it can’t be avoided. Depending on your screening criteria and market, we have a tool that can find your target demographic: Programmatic Recruiting.’s self service SaaS application enables decision-makers to instantly target their desired niche demographic and elicit answers... Read More

A Pulse of the American Public

In this world of data overload, there is no shortage of facts and figures. With so much information rushing in - from social media, to the nightly news, and polls - we are swimming in data, and never more so than during the election season. A recent... Read More

Focus Groups: A Barometer for Politics

The months leading up to the presidential elections are always an interesting and vibrant time in the United States; however, to many Americans, this election season in particular feels like a breed of its own. With another month to wait, some wish that the election could just be over already. Indeed, along with the waiting... Read More

Holism: An Important Edge in Market Research

Qualitative researchers concern themselves with the “why” of customer behavior. They must consider a range of factors that may affect participant answers: setting, scenario, and time of day are just a few. This is why a holistic approach can be integral for accurate insight. As behavioral economists are fond of pointing out, what people think... Read More

Online Ethnography Benefits

Research techniques for Online Ethnography A method originating in anthropology, ethnography combines observational and interviewing techniques. This is not wholly unique in qualitative research, but it is noteworthy: other methods selectively focus on communication or behavior.  By combining the two, ethnography both broadens and validates insight. Social theory is often prominent in analysis, though the type... Read More