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Improving Organization within the Platform

At, we’re constantly striving to improve our platform and our user’s experience. That’s why roughly every two weeks (or sooner) we ship new updates to our platform. These biweekly releases iterate on existing functionality, fix bugs, and add new features. Our product development team works hard each release sprint to improve our platform... Read More Announes New Badge Features

Wanting to improve on our user’s experience, we recently updated our notification system within the Meeting Room. During every session, the moderator and participants have access to a chat room on the right side of their screen. The chat room can serve many purposes; however, it is often used as an unobtrusive method of communication... Read More

Feature Series: Phone Bridge provides on-demand qualitative consumer depth interviews and online focus groups using webcams. We connect marketers, researchers, and brands to millions of consumers globally right from their laptops.So what can we do when participants don’t have internet access? offers a Phone Bridge feature as a supplementary tool that is used to augment the... Read More

Feature Series: Finding and Sharing Quotes

img.featured.thumbnail.full{ display:none; }Research cannot survive on its own. In order to derive actionable insights, research must be followed by a period of analysis. This period allows researchers to understand common themes across the participants and to dig deep into their thought processes. Identification of these themes is a central component of qualitative research, and we aim to... Read More

Feature Series: Whiteboard

Consumer habits change quickly and brands need to be able to keep up. One way that they can do this is by conducting qualitative research. By comparison to quantitative research, which analyses numerical and statistical measurements, qualitative research tackles non-quantifiable data by speaking directly with consumers. By connecting directly with their desired market, brands are... Read More

Introducing: Feature Series connects brands with consumers globally in real-time through a video conferencing platform built for conducting qualitative market research and gathering consumer insights. With, projects can be completed in days versus months, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. By disrupting traditional methods, we have brought market research into the digital... Read More Joins Paragon Partnership to Assist United Nations Global Development Initiative

How do we confront global issues like poverty, climate change, and injustice? Unilever’s Senior Vice President of Consumer and Market Insights, Stan Sthanunathan, believes the answer to these universally critical problems lies in collaboration and research.So was born Paragon Partnerships, a platform that seeks to unify research efforts in order to tackle international challenges in... Read More

The Benefits of Online Marketing Research

Marketing research is essential to any business. This is the way that businesses determine if their proposed ideas and methods will be accepted and also they way that they monitor and explore how currently in-place marketing strategies and methods are performing.In effect, without marketing research, businesses are merely guessing at how their marketing strategies are... Read More