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5 New Pillars of Market Research

Guest post by board member Mark Sherrington Last time, I talked about some of the problems of market research as it's conducted today, how we should make use of and interpret its results, and what we can do to get primary market research that's more representative. In this post, I'm going to talk more specifically about... Read More

The Benefits of Online Marketing Research

Marketing research is essential to any business. This is the way that businesses determine if their proposed ideas and methods will be accepted and also they way that they monitor and explore how currently in-place marketing strategies and methods are performing. In effect, without marketing research, businesses are merely guessing at how their marketing strategies are... Read More

Discuss.IO’s Competitors are Hobbled By Their Reliance on Physical Facilities

Market research is a very important part of regular operations for most modern businesses. Market research is conducted before a product and/or marketing campaign is released to determine how successful it is likely to be. Likewise, this type of research is also typically conducted after a product or campaign is released in order to determine... Read More