Everything You Need, In One Unified Platform

Clip Maker
Create highlight reels of favorite clips using simple “drag and drop” tools.

HD Audio and Video Capture
Auto-capture audio and video, no on-desktop software required.

Automatic or human-created, searchable and time-coded.

Live, in-session translation to and from the world’s largest languages.

Global Reach
Millions of panelists in developed and emerging markets in over 25 countries.

Competitive Cost
Proprietary web-based technology cuts overhead and waste.

Faster than the World Turns
Record-setting research timelines cut development cycles.

Always On
Cloud archival of records makes your research available worldwide.

Day 1: Kickoff

Your project will begin with a kickoff meeting where we will understand your objectives and match you with an appropriate moderator from our pool of seasoned professionals. Within the meeting, we will identify your target demographic and learn more about your project to begin to create a discussion guide outline. Your first round of interviews will be scheduled, and training can be provided to you/your team as requested.

Day 2: Project Setup

Using your objectives from the meeting and our expertise, your researcher will deliver to you a draft of the discussion guide for the first round of interviews. We will work collaboratively with you to refine the draft to create the final discussion guide to be used on your upcoming interviews.

Day 3: Webcam Consumer Interviews

Your moderator will conduct live webcam interviews with your target audience. During the interview, your moderator will have access to the full toolkit offered by Discuss.IO, including document markup tools, presentation of stimuli, etc. We welcome you to observe the discussion in a “virtual backroom,” or to access the material at your convenience in your project archives.

Day 4: Review Initial Results

As your interviews progress, your moderator will set up time with you to review initial results and process. Using our keyword-searchable transcript synchronized to the video or the video itself (both available one hour post interview), we will work with you to refine the hypothesis/discussion guide, making the process iterative and agile.

Day 5: (More) Webcam Consumer Interviews

Using the refined discussion guide if applicable, our moderator will conduct a second round of interviews.

Day 7: Insights In Days

In a matter of days, you will receive your custom report of findings. We offer a debrief session to review the findings. Deliverables include a PowerPoint presentation complete with findings and recommendations, as well as access to assets in your archives, including your videos and keyword-searchable transcripts synchronized with the video.

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