The Benefits of Online Marketing Research

Marketing research is essential to any business. This is the way that businesses determine if their proposed ideas and methods will be accepted and also they way that they monitor and explore how currently in-place marketing strategies and methods are performing. In effect, without marketing research, businesses are merely guessing

Holism: An Important Edge in Market Research

Qualitative researchers concern themselves with the “why” of customer behavior. They must consider a range of factors that may affect participant answers: setting, scenario, and time of day are just a few. This is why a holistic approach can be integral for accurate insight. As behavioral economists are fond of

Benefits of Online Ethnography

A method originating in anthropology, ethnography combines observational and interviewing techniques. This is not wholly unique in qualitative research, but it is noteworthy: other methods selectively focus on communication or behavior.  By combining the two, ethnography both broadens and validates insight. Social theory is often prominent in analysis, though the

International Research Best Practices

  International research is often a large scale, multi-tier effort. Bypassing the logistics of traditional methods, online techniques dramatically hasten the process while also making it more accessible. Important, since on-demand and iterative research is a rapidly expanding field. Often vital when considering a product’s total market, international research brings

Stories are Essential to Market Research

Innate to the human experience, stories are vital for organizing and explaining research. Qualitative studies concern themselves with motivations, the “why” behind consumer decisions. As such, they include an emotional element that researchers cannot ignore when analyzing and conveying insight. A way for contextualizing information as much charting experiences, the

Unique Advantages to Online Qual

Insight will always be as relevant as the data and input that generates it. Qualitative studies, both online and traditional, are particularly sensitive to circumstance. Setting, presence of other people, and even time of day can affect answers throughout each session. Traditional methods typically contain qualitative research to facilities for

Hybrid Studies: A Quicker Method for Relevent Insight

  Hybrid research is increasingly available, and it’s easy to see why. In many cases, mixing quantitative and qualitative methods offer greater breadth without compromising specificity. Input is more accessible and faster via online focus groups and the like, but they also compliment quantitative projects in a number of ways.