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It all started with a conversation

Jim Longo, co-founder and VP of Research Solutions at, was recently published in Research Live.

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In this article, Jim walks us through the origins of market research and the story of an innovator, Dr. Paul “Doc” Smelser of P&G. Doc Smelser is credited as the driving force that figured out how brands could learn what consumers really wanted. How did he do it…


Dismantling the Notion of the Business as a “Machine”

I was talking to Mark Earls, author of Copy, Copy, Copy, at the Insights Innovation Exchange (IIeX) in Atlanta when he said something that has sent me on somewhat of a crusade. We were talking about my favorite topic, empathy, and I was expressing my confusion of why there’s such a large disconnect between some businesses and consumers. Central to my confusion…


The Sun Never Sets on

In the USA, where I’m based, we’re preparing for the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend. Many organizations will be off on Monday and some have even elected to take off the whole week. While many of our US-based customers will be out of the office, does that mean that business will come to a halt globally? By no means…


Moving on up

The past several months have been very exciting times for us at! In addition to raising $5.025 million in capital, our team has been growing at a rapid rate. This growth has been both domestic and international. Earlier this month, we announced our opening of a UK office in London, which will help us to better serve our existing UK customers and continue to grow in the region…


Culture needs data, data needs culture

We recently had the great pleasure of attending the Insights Innovation Exchange (IIeX) in Atlanta. You can imagine our excitement when we saw that esteemed anthropologist, Grant McCracken, was going to be giving the keynote address. IIeX is a conference that places value on innovation and research and, as a result, a lot of the sessions revolve around topics like…