Feature Series: Video Conferencing

Discuss.io provides on-demand qualitative consumer depth interviews and focus groups using webcams. We connect marketers, researchers, and brands to millions of consumers around the world right from their laptops. Allow us to untangle that for you. Specialists in qualitative market research, video conferencing lies at the core of our platform;

The Audio/Video Issues with Chrome 54

Here at Discuss.io, we want brands to succeed. At our core, we believe that this success is tied to a brand’s ability to understand consumers by speaking with them directly. We make speaking with consumers as hassle-free as possible. Using our real-time video conferencing platform, brands can directly access to


Discuss.io Announces New Whiteboard Screenshot Feature

At Discuss.io, we’re constantly striving to improve our platform and our user’s experience. That’s why every two weeks we ship new updates to our platform. These biweekly releases iterate on existing functionality, fix bugs, and add new features. Our team of developers works really hard each release sprint to improve


Introducing: Discuss.io Feature Series

Discuss.io connects brands with consumers globally in real-time through a video conferencing platform built for conducting qualitative market research and gathering consumer insights. With Discuss.io, projects can be completed in days versus months, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. By disrupting traditional methods, we have brought


Employee Spotlight: Anthony Izzo

Meet Anthony Izzo, Senior Marketing Manager Please give a brief description of yourself I’m a Chicago-born, Ireland/England-raised jack-of-all-trades, and have lived in Seattle for the past nine years. Having never previously been to the Pacific Northwest, I went out to visit on a whim after leaving England, and have enjoyed every

Dani, rockstar

Employee Spotlight: Daniel Sandoval

Meet Daniel Sandoval, UX + BS Designer/Developer Please give a brief description of yourself [in Mrs. Doubtfire’s voice] I’m a hip old granny who can hip-hop, bebop, dance til ya drop and yo yo, make a wicked cup of cocoa. For real though, I’m just someone who loves computers and

Frank Luntz Focus Group

Focus Groups: A Barometer for Politics

The months leading up to the presidential elections are always an interesting and vibrant time in the United States; however, to many Americans, this election season in particular feels like a breed of its own. With another month to wait, some wish that the election could just be over already.

Winning SAC

Thank you Seattle Angel Conference (SAC)

Being part of a startup can be a wild ride. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes things are hectic. No matter what though, you’re always part of an adventure, striving to make a difference in the way that things are done. Unfortunately, the little guy doesn’t always win, which is why support