Phone Bridge

Feature Series: Phone Bridge provides on-demand qualitative consumer depth interviews and online focus groups using webcams. We connect marketers, researchers, and brands to millions of consumers globally right from their laptops. So what can we do when participants don’t have internet access? offers a Phone Bridge feature as a supplementary tool that


Feature Series: Finding and Sharing Quotes

Research cannot survive on its own. In order to derive actionable insights, research must be followed by a period of analysis. This period allows researchers to understand common themes across the participants and to dig deep into their thought processes. Identification of these themes is a central component of qualitative


Telling Our Story – Unveiling an All New

A startup’s website is their most effective marketing and sales person. It’s their face and message to the world. Customers, prospects, investors, potential recruits, and journalists alike all form an impression of you based off of what they see on your website. We know that this first impression is extremely


Feature Series: Whiteboard

Consumer habits change quickly and brands need to be able to keep up. One way that they can do this is by conducting qualitative research. By comparison to quantitative research, which analyses numerical and statistical measurements, qualitative research tackles non-quantifiable data by speaking directly with consumers. By connecting directly with


Pioneering as a Value: How Helps Unilever Innovate

What role does play in Unliever’s core values? In order to be at the cutting edge of consumer-centricity, Unilever is building an “insights engine,” an approach that uses insights as a springboard to “inspire and provoke to enable transformational action.” Selin Cetinelli, Unilever Consumer and Market Insight Director, recently

phone-explainer-better-px Announces New Dial In Feature

At, we’re constantly striving to improve our platform and our user’s experience. That’s why roughly every two weeks (or sooner) we ship new updates to our platform. These biweekly releases iterate on existing functionality, fix bugs, and add new features. Our product development team works really hard each release


Our Very Own, Jim Longo, Speaking at QRCA

Our very own Jim Longo, VP of Research Solutions at, will be presenting alongside Joy Steinberg, President of JSI Marketing, at the annual QRCA conference in Los Angeles this upcoming January 2017. They will be presenting on the power of using agile market research to drive innovation. Agile research