Tim Taylor Joins Discuss.io Team

Tim TaylorDiscuss.io, an innovative solution for on-demand qualitative research, welcomes Tim Taylor to the team as Vice President of Business Development. A seasoned industry professional with a background in corporate research and as a research supplier, Tim identifies opportunities and finds strategic alliances to further the explosive growth of Discuss.io services.

“Tim is a welcome add-on to business development,” said Jim Longo, co-founder of Discuss.io. “His experience in consultative sales and market research gives our customers the assurance they are choosing a service that meets their research objectives.”

As an expanding market research technology company that offers quick access to global consumer and physician insights, Tim’s experience in introducing, growing, and maintaining large accounts is ideally suited  for the Discuss.io expansion into new industries.

Currently, qualitative research hinges on location, logistics, and other hassles that make projects far more expensive and time consuming than web technology allows. A background in research makes Tim particularly aware of these challenges, one reason why he is enthusiastic to join Discuss.io.

“To be able to have a conversation with global targeted consumers at a moment’s notice and obtain rich insight to improve brands, products and services via a cost-effective and timely iterative process, is of tremendous value,” said Tim Taylor

Dedicated to offering streamlined solutions that connect research teams with credible voices in little as 48 hours, Discuss.io simplifies and broadens the research process of all qualitative efforts. Location becomes a non-issue, as does travel, through the company’s patented real-time HD platform. Only an internet-connected device and webcam is necessary to observe and communicate with team members, focus groups, and individual interviewees. Free-flowing conversations, mass screen share, and the ability to accommodate large groups further add versatility and effectiveness to this accessible and fast-acting solution.

Tim appreciates the vast effectiveness of this unique and innovative approach. Enthusiastic about identifying client needs and finding effective solutions, Discuss.io and customers alike are fortunate to receive input and opinions from a professional who influenced key initiatives within large enterprises like Verizon, Disney, US Bank, and the NBA/WNBA/. Tim believes such businesses particularly benefit from the ability to schedule projects in little as 48 hours. “This is an exciting opportunity to help put real insights into the hands of Marketers, Product Developers and Researchers at the very moments they are needed,” he said.

Large enterprises come with their own challenges and standards, both of which Tim analyzes to find a solution through Discuss.io that best augments their productivity, returns, and findings.

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About Discuss.io: Founded in 2012, Discuss.io makes on-demand market research available to companies of all sizes. Using a massive pool of respondents, the company enables decision-makers to target their desired niche and get answers at any time on a variety of market research questions. Broaden and maximize product development and optimization, brand and segment exploration, advertisement testing, package design, and web concepts. Call 866.557.6716 for more information.