Hey! Discuss.io is Back to Blogging

blogging about researchHey everyone, we haven’t posted a blog in some time. For good reason too, as our platform is growing like never before. New features, capabilities, and industry expansions are in the works. Look forward to email updates and blogs announcing what’s fresh at Discuss.io

As the company gets bigger and better so does its team. Tim Taylor is joining us as Vice President of Business Development, and his role is an interesting one. Like many of us here, Tim has a background as both a corporate researcher and research supplier. He is well aware of the effort, time, and expense that qualitative studies traditionally require.

Our unique web technology is a natural choice for both its capabilities and user-friendliness, and Tim will be taking our solution to new industries and accounts. As Discuss.io cofounder Jim Longo says, “Tim is a welcome add-on to business development. His experience in consultative sales and market research gives our customers the assurance they are choosing a service that meets their research objectives.”

Timetables are a matter of dollars and cents for most large enterprises, and qualitative studies typically require weeks, if not months, of advanced scheduling. Faster scheduling means faster results, which means better progress. As our clients well know, our unique platform and service can enroll projects in little as 48 hours. Tim finds this strength a particular benefit for businesses across all categories. In his words: “To be able to have a conversation with global targeted consumers at a moment’s notice and obtain rich insight to improve brands, products and services via a cost-effective and timely iterative process, is of tremendous value.”

While often not as imperative as scheduling, the cost of each study can also be a barrier. From renting facilities to covering traveling expenses and accommodations, an in-depth qualitative study is pricey and subject to setbacks. Even more imperatively, these costs are limited to a small sample group within a sole area. Along with being far more affordable, Tim sees clients have better leeway and consistency using Discuss.io. “I am excited,” he said, “by the opportunity to help put real insights into the hands of Marketers, Product Developers and Researchers at the very moments they are necessary.” That’s a good thing, since his past work includes influencing key initiatives within enterprises like Verizon, Disney, US Bank, and the WNBA/NBA Store.

Faster scheduling and major affordability are important, but research needs to remain valid and dynamic. Our vast pool of volunteers from over 20 countries offers the variety of voices that effective qualitative research often requires. Such global insight goes a long way, particularly with our HD video conference platform. Integral for Discuss.io’s expansion into new industries, our HD browser-based solution enables research teams to observe and connect with members, focus groups, and interviewees regardless of location. Only a webcam and device with an internet connection is necessary, both of which are worlds more affordable than leasing an entire facility. The end-result is faster, detailed research without the budget typically allotted to in-facility studies.

Discuss.io’s intrinsic benefit in cost effectiveness, and Tim is a great at finding solutions that deliver more data or opinions while remaining affordable. Clients can initiate projects quicker, with tighter deadlines, more voices, and a bundle of tools that enable advanced observation and conversation. We’re proud that all qualitative research benefit from those core strengths, and we look forward to adding more and more features to streamline our client’s efforts and augment their results.