Discuss.io Streamlines Data Collection of Qualitative Medical Research

Startup redefines qualitative data collection with on demand access to healthcare professionals

Discuss.io is pleased to announce on-demand research interviews of healthcare professionals. The service streamlines qualitative data collection from medical researchers and focus groups, a historically time consuming and expensive tasks that requires advanced scheduling, logistics and facility space. Harnessing online webcam interviews, Discuss.io connects clients with over a million medical professional in record time and with much greater cost-effectiveness than traditional qualitative research services.

The service emphasizes live webcam interviews with medical professionals in little as 48 hours. Just as critically, researchers may access 2,000,000 vetted healthcare professionals on leading health panels such as Manthan, M3 and Medscape by WebMD. Researchers simply log on, select a specialty and schedule a convenient time. Discuss.io automatically handles all logistics and incentive management. Quite intuitive, the services frees teams to fully focus on their research instead of managing its usual logistics.

Discuss.io smoothes the interview process through industry-first HD video streaming technology. Functioning just like an in-person interview, the process grants the equivalent quality of a facility without the expensive overhead of traveling. Benefits like firsthand observation and interaction remain, ensuring all participants can cohesively dialogue while utilizing a full range of expression.

For clients looking for a turnkey solution, Discuss.io is partnering with top tier market research agencies to deliver end-to-end capabilities. Services include moderation, report writing, and deliverables within 7 days after project kickoff.

The easiest and most direct way to run qualitative research projects, Discuss.io is designed for researchers. The service’s browser-based software includes features such as an automated scheduling, virtual meeting rooms and analysis tools that easily cut, transcribe and share video clips of findings.

Across the world, Discuss.io boosts reach and output without requiring extra attention or maintenance. Medical research is often large and complex, as is sorting through its findings. Discuss.io is a simple solution that eases progression and correspondence, taming each project’s logistics while also expanding its potential extant.

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About Discuss.io: Founded in 2012, Discuss.io makes on-demand market research available to companies of all sizes. Using a massive pool of respondents, the company enables decision-makers to target their desired niche and get answers at any time on a variety of market research questions. Broaden and maximize product development and optimization, brand and segment exploration, advertisement testing, package design, and web concepts. Call 866.557.6716 for more information.