Discuss.IO Adds Justin Harbor To The Roster

Justin HarborDiscuss, Seattle based startup, welcomes Business Development Manager Justin Harbor to the team.  Justin first entered the world of Market Research when he had an opportunity to drive business for a sampling technology that connected both buyers and sellers of online sample together. Market Research has many needs that can be automated to increase performance and quality of studies as a whole. “When I spoke with Zach Simmons and Jim Longo about their vision as to how technology should solve totally unnecessary service fees and wasteful operational costs, I was convinced that they truly wanted to not only help the companies that service the consumer, however also genuinely help those who contribute the most…the respondents,” said Justin prior to signing on.

What the team at Discuss has in common is that they each bring a special piece to the workplace.  Justin looks to expand the teams’ client base on the West Coast and help provide a layer of quality assurance over the pool of 15 million respondents that Discuss has real-time interview access once live. Co-Founder Jim Longo has been a long advocate of creative problem solving with technology and when paired with the talents of Founder Zach Simmons, the duo attract young professionals from all over who want in on the action at the innovative startup.

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Discuss is partnered with leading consumer research panels to ensure quick connections to a community of over 15 million vetted participants, and an automated recruiting application allows researchers to gather criteria-defined participants and begin interviewing within minutes. Discuss.IO’s video editor handles recording and transcription, while the ClipMaker function affords quick creation, sharing, and export of video clips and highlight reels. Discuss is an all-in-one online service that dramatically reduces the time and expense needed to conduct qualitative research projects.

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