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Consent Forms are Here!

Many users work in highly regulated, privacy-forward industries that require consent from their respondents for security purposes, protecting early prototypes of products and needing to meet legal compliance. Let’s face it, managing the consent form process can be a mess: coordinating with the legal team, using different systems for sending, signing and storing the... Read More

Polling Done Right!

This is not conventional polling as you know it. is excited to introduce new polling capabilities to make customer conversations more engaging than ever.  More than just a third party add-on, this integrated feature makes it easy to set-up single and multi-response questions. Your polls will be time stamped within the video when launched... Read More

It’s Empathy Stupid! Key Takeaways from the Fireside Chat with Stan Sthanunathan

Our own Jim Longo sat down with Stan Sthanunathan, retired EVP of CMI for Unilever, for wide ranging fireside chat titles “It’s Empathy Stupid! How Insights Professionals Need to Own Consumer Feelings and Not Just Their Digits”. Stan shared some lessons from the insights industry, talk technology trends, re-define Artificial Intelligence, and offered some advice... Read More

Innovation in MRX Requires Consistency

We are very proud to be included in the 2021 GRIT top 50 innovative insights companies! This is our 7th straight year on the list thanks to customers and partners voting us in (again). We were a finalist for the inaugural IIEX startup competition and have continued innovating since. An honor like this requires consistency... Read More

Introducing Augmented Insights – AI Driven Suite of Tools to Reduce the Time to Insight

We know that no insights project is complete without distilling hours of interviews into the key statements and aha! moments that is the magic of having consumer conversations. In order to help insights professionals go from interviews to insights more quickly, is proud to announce the release of a new suite of tools built... Read More

5 Key Takeaways from Mobile eCommerce Shop Along Masterclass

Oliver Bradley, Global  eCommerce Experience Design Director at Unilever, shared his insights from 10+ years of focusing on the digital shopping experience at the TMRE@Home event in a session titled, “It’s Not Just a Smartphone, It’s a Shopping Platform”. He focused on mobile user experience as it has become a major source of shopping and... Read More

Online Focus Groups

Focus groups consist of multiple participants sharing their opinions. Rightfully popular within qualitative research, the study method brings a few critical strengths to market outreach. Variance: Focus groups may concentrate on specific products or content, but the opinions can be diverse as possible. From selecting a market to expanding one, focus groups allow R&D to... Read More

Avoid Assumptions That Can Destroy Your Customer’s Experience

To deliver the best Customer Experience (CX), you have to know, not assume, what your customers want from your brand. Simply put: assumptions about customer expectations do not yield results. 50% of brands think they are getting better at delivering experiences, but only 11% of consumers agree with this, according to one report. Customers want to... Read More

Customer Lifecycle Research: How to Gain Consumer Insights at the Consideration Stage

KEY TAKEAWAYS Marketing demand generation programs that focus on generating interest or “leads” and transforming prospects into customers should be modified at each stage of the customer journey including the consideration stage to address the types of questions, concerns, and needs evident at that point of the solution assessment.  Two-thirds of the touchpoints during the active... Read More