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Zoom and The New Way to Extract More Insights in Less Time

What do a product manager at a global entertainment company, a small customer experience team at an e-commerce platform, and a marketing manager at a beloved CPG brand have in common? They could all be sitting on countless hours of Zoom videos with unlimited potential of bringing that qualitative data to life. Extracting insights, increasing customer... Read More

From Observation to Insight to Strategy: The Evolution of Innovation

Many people think that innovation starts with the proverbial "big idea," the imaginary bulb that lights up above an inventor’s head when they reach that “a-ha!” moment. Think Sir Isaac Newton and the apple, or Steve Jobs and calligraphy. But in reality, most business innovation, product or concept development is an iterative process, a story of... Read More

Get Pinpoint Accurate Personas Using Qualitative Research

Whether you need to understand a user base for a go-to-market strategy or are looking to build customer awareness across the business, creating accurate user personas backed by qualitative research is critical.   Why Use Qualitative Research for Personas Accurately defining personas is essential to success in everything from user experience, to product development and marketing. Yet many... Read More

Seven Tips and Tricks for Better Online Focus Groups in 2021

The pandemic accelerated adoption of digital experiences at an unprecedented rate. It seemed like the switch was flipped almost overnight and suddenly even the most reluctant-to-change industries were now operating remotely. At the height of the transition, McKinsey estimated that we vaulted five years forward in a matter of eight weeks. So it’s not surprising that... Read More

The Post-COVID Consumer: What’s Changed and What Are the Opportunities?

From burnout to boredom, breakdown to even blessings, the COVID-19 pandemic made an indelible impression on consumers across geographies and demographics. While the catalyst was the same - a global public health crisis -  individual experiences have varied widely. As Gillian Tett with the Financial Times put it, “we’re in the same storm, but not the... Read More

6 Mobile UX Research Challenges and How to Solve Them

As a relative newcomer in the marketing research world, mobile UX qualitative research can be tricky to perfect. The challenges researchers have are many, and the solutions to them are not easily found – until now. Listed below are some of qualitative researchers’ most common complaints about conducting mobile UX research, along with good news about... Read More

Consumer Conversations Reign Supreme for Achieving Empathy

On RBDR, an established podcast famed for providing marketing insights you won’t find anywhere else,’s CSO Jim Longo discussed the importance of empathy, the impact of COVID-19 on market research, and the evolving relationship between qualitative and quantitative research. (For more insights from Jim Longo, please see the first part of this series entitled "The... Read More

The Golden Era of Online Qual is Here

Acclaimed marketing podcast RBDR prides itself on providing news insights and commentary you won’t find anywhere else for the market research industry. The host, Bob Lederer, has seen it all throughout his twenty-six years in the business. He dedicates two full episodes to’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jim Longo, which speaks volumes about the value... Read More

Mobile Screen Sharing for Competitor Research

It was the ancient Greeks who coined the expression “know thyself,” wise words for any entrepreneur. Remarkably, at nearly the same point in time but halfway across the world, the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu wrote in his treatise The Art of War that it was equally important to “know thine enemy.” From a commercial standpoint, this... Read More

Mobile UX Research for Agile Product Prototyping and Development

In the modern mobile era, it is increasingly difficult to create mobile apps or websites that will fantastically succeed with consumers without conducting real-time mobile UX research at the prototyping stage. Not so long ago, it sufficed to toss a concept to the public, letting the market judge. Sometimes it worked. But technological advances allow us... Read More