2015 November

3 Areas Where Online Qual Excels

Quantifying customer reception is vital to improve design and market fit. Modern release cycles, however, often lead to product design choices initiated by guesswork. Limited to quantitative methods, designers can only undergo a costly process of trial and error.  Accessing data to explain why customer behavior is taking place is

On-Demand Qual and MVAs

Markets are changing faster than ever before. Focus market research and other qualitative methods, meanwhile, are adjusting to keep pace with sentiments and interests. Far from just a new means to conduct research, online methods are also essential for delivering insight before it becomes outdated or irrelevant. Finding and tracking

Empathy and Its Role in Market Research

Qualitative research relies on expression as much as opinion. Ideal for conceptualizing central targets, qual’s major strength is its focus of detailed personal opinions and behaviors. A successful online market research company must rely on more than just logic. Empathy is also vital for insight. Empathy is Integral for Relevant

Essentials to Coding Qualitative Data

Qualitative research focuses on the interpersonal, yes, but that makes it no less complex than its quantitative counterpart. Referred to as “coding,”  researchers organizing feedback often create complex webs of analysis. A system for categorizing anything from keywords to emotives, coding charts participant’s reactions and opinions throughout a session. The