2015 October


Sampling Methods in Qualitative Research

Choosing what insight to gather is usually half the work in research. Browsing a potential market’s demographics can offer some idea to customer expectations. Gaining a full idea, however, requires some specialized sampling. A process that influences market representation and analysis, sampling includes a slew of methods with their own


Differentiating between Focus Groups and Interviews

Learning why customers like a specific brand can seem a basic undertaking.  What to ask, how to ask it, and who to ask, however, can become rather complex. From the get go, researchers must consider the study’s intent. Is the research’s objective to average a customer’s opinion? Or is it


Taking Your Qualitative Research Online

Quality and luck alone rarely make a successful product, at least if without market fit. Deciding on who to target, and how, helps ensure products attract the right group of customers. Business market research is essential for prospects  and figuring out what they want. There are a few ways to