2015 August

Ethnographic Market Research

Technology may change the way we conduct research, but core methodologies hardly ever shift. Among the most popular methods, and the oldest, ethnographic market research is perhaps the best example of these age-old formulas. Rooted in anthropology, ethnographic studies analyze customers within their actual environments. Practical questions will always have

Qualitative Market Research Software

As we all know, qualitative research software only really began picking up demand recently. Bandwidth capabilities, increasing net literacy, and a slew of other factors make such programs more attractive each year. More affordable than in-person qualitative methods, online options also make connecting with participants far simpler and faster. Markets and their

How to Write a Market Research Proposal

The market research proposal is an important first step in near all studies. First and foremost, a skeleton that details a study’s direction, goals, and focus, such proposals are typically the first point of reference for management. While the proposals make or break a project’s funding, there is one other strength

Online Discussion Groups

Each opinion counts. Lots of opinions, however, can count for much more. Online discussion groups are among the quickest ways to gather customer insight, a good thing for market researchers everywhere. While seemingly common sense, traditional implementation of these studies is actually quite expensive and time consuming.  Budgets and schedules