2015 July

What is Research?

A seemingly basic question, defining the term “research” can also be tricky. Merriam Webster itself has three definitions. 1.       Careful or diligent search 2.       Studious inquiry or examination 3.       Collection of information about a particular subject Obviously, research as a concept includes different methods and intensities, not to mention also encompasses

How To Conduct Qualitative Research Analysis

Qualitative research analysis is vital as qualitative data collection. Far more significantly, it requires nuance. Conceptualizing and organizing a study is no walk in the park, sure, but doing so typically requires pragmatism. Qualitative research analysis, meanwhile, also includes a hefty portion of interpretation. Substantiating these interpretations is vital too,

Business Research Methods

Much like all other subsections of research, business research methods incorporate a lot of standard approaches. Which method, and why, is often important as the data and analysis itself. After all, methodology itself directs data acquisition and therefore data analysis. Size, intent, and overall goals are very important considerations. Some study

Online Focus Groups

Focus groups consist of multiple participants sharing their opinions. Rightfully popular within qualitative research, the study method brings a few critical strengths to market outreach. Variance- Focus groups may concentrate on specific products or content, but the opinions can be diverse as possible. From selecting a market to expanding one,

How to Conduct Qualitative Research

Like baccarat and vaulting, qualitative research analysis is easy to learn and hard to perfect. Similarly, a qualitative researcher’s approach really depends on the subject and setting. Vague questions can provide more insight than a specific one, such as tests that gauge flash judgment or other System 1 behavior, as