2015 May

Questions, Answers, and Validity in Online Qualitative Research

Opinions will always be important hallmarks in qualitative market research. Drawing conclusions from these insights, however, also requires other elements. One of the most important is the customer’s decision-making process. Expert researchers and interviewers are quite used to catching inferences and gauging reaction. After all, flash judgments can mean much

Introduction to Online Market Research: Qualitative Market Research

What Is Qualitative Market Research? Research is important for capturing and keeping customers, but each method has its different strengths. Essential for understanding product reception and demand, qualitative market research uses interviews or focus group meetings to examine preference and reaction. Data and insight are valuable for finding details important

Introduction to Online Market Research: Focus Market Research

Pre-internet focus group meetings organized by gathering a select number of individuals from a local pool of volunteers. Expensive, limited by geography, and often requiring temporary hires, such old school methods require time-intensive scheduling and large budgets. Online focus market research,or analyzing reaction and sentiments within specific markets, cuts through these

Introduction to Online Marketing Research

Product and service quality is integral for competitiveness in any industry, but so is in-depth knowledge of your customers and their perspectives. Online market research companies are handy for just this reason. These organizations study target markets, analyze their needs, and offer a valid perspective of how products can successfully change