2014 February

Four Ways to Use On-Demand Qualitative Research

As a marketing executive or brand manager you’re faced with decisions all day long that might effect the short- or long-term survival of your product or brand. Wouldn’t it be great to have on-demand qualitative research at your fingertips to help make those decisions? Here’s some ways you might use on-demand qualitative research to improve your company’s success in the marketplace…

Interviewing Humans

Interviewing Humansby Erika Hall- Published in User Research ∙ The goal of interviewing users is to learn about everything that might influence how the users might use what you’re creating. Good interviewing is a skill you develop with practice. The great myth is that you need to be a good talker. Conducting

Why this qualitative researcher pushes to debrief

Why this qualitative researcher pushes to debriefEight discussion groups across two markets means sixteen hours of consumer insights to process. And really, that’s sixteen hours interrupted by back-room conversations, mandatory conference call participation and distracting emails, texts and, let’s be honest, social media notifications. Add to all that typical road

5 Steps to a Better Qualitative Research Experience

Alert! Magazine First Quarter 2014 5 Steps to a Better Qualitative Research ExperienceCorporate market researchers are doing more with less. Along with fewer resources comes an increased need to provide action-focused insights and create more value for internal business units. Delivering better, more actionable insights (even when resources are constrained)

Six ways to bring insight to innovation

Six ways to bring insight to innovation… We live in an era of big data and big analysis. The direction of our organizations is supposed to be driven by the numbers. But Alessandro Di Fiore, a Rome-based strategy and innovation consultant who works with European multinationals, worries that this thirst for

Webcam Real-time Focus Groups & IDIs

Webcam Real-time Focus Groups & IDIsWebcam/Video conferencing has been available for more than a decade, but has had slow adoption for qualitative research until recently, when high-speed internet penetration increased and tight economic conditions limited travel for in-person research. Now that participants and clients are becoming familiar with mobile videoconferencing