2014 January

From Reel to Reality

How to Bring Your Online Qualitative Research Results to Life. Despite the importance of qualitative reporting and research, clients can often struggle with getting excited by online qualitative research data. In order to make the most of every interview or focus group, it is important to give the words and

The Secret to Lean Innovation Is Making Learning a Priority

The Secret to Lean Innovation Is Making Learning a Priority by Tom Agan Lean innovation is being embraced by everyone – from the smallest start-ups to the largest global organizations. But in most cases, it’s still falling well short of its full potential because it either lacks or fails to tightly integrate

Focusing on Focus Groups

Focus GroupsFocusing on Focus Groups In a marketplace that’s growing increasingly competitive, doing all you can to ensure the success of a new product or product line your company plans to introduce is more important than ever. Conducting a focus group is an effective means of getting valuable feedback from

A Three-Step Process For Analyzing Qualitative Data

A Three-Step Process For Analyzing Qualitative DataA question I often get when discussing online qualitative exercises is: what does the output look like? It’s true that qualitative data doesn’t come as easily packaged in a nice graph or chart as quantitative data does. In fact, how you analyze and captivatingly

4 Ways to Analyze Focus Groups and How to Reduce The Friction

Qualitative research is an integral part of the market research process. A 2009 study by Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie and colleagues identifies four techniques available to those performing qualitative research. Everyone who makes use of focus groups to collect data should know these methods, as each is useful for different purposes.

How Small Businesses Can Find Direction with Focus Groups

A sad truth about small businesses is the vast majority of them do not succeed. Many new small businesses hardly last longer than a single year. Among the most common reasons the businesses fail is they do not perform enough market research. Expanding market research to include information from focus

5 Tips for Online Qualitative Market Research

The advance of social media as a cultural phenomenon has paralleled the growth of digital technology and broadband connectivity. As a consequence, the maturation of online qualitative research platforms has resulted in improved cycle times, lower costs and better data quality. However, it is important to recognize that online research can