2012 October

Let’s Stop Demonizing DIY Market Research

Let’s Stop Demonizing DIYBy Ron Sellers To listen to some researchers talk about “DIY” research, Home Depot and Lowe’s should be shut down. Checker Auto Parts should go out of business. Churches should go back to the centuries past when only the clergy were allowed to read Scripture. AllRecipes.com should

Social Media: A Wealth of Information

Social Media: A Wealth of InformationSocial Media: A Wealth of Information Posted August by Doyle Research Associates, Inc. What do I do with social media information once I have it? Five tips on how to leverage your qualitative research. We are finding increased opportunity to leverage the power of the

The Opinion Graph?

The Opinion Graph? Cheerboo Launches An Easy Way To Gauge Public Sentiment On Any TopicJust as Pinterest has become increasingly important to marketers, it’s been said that the first company to own sentiment, or the interest graph, in a social context will be a force to be reckoned with. But